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Toronto Refurbishing is continuously seeking great people to support its growth. Working at our company is a bit unusual in that;

  • We often work onsite when our clients are not present (afternoons or overnight)
  • We have competitive wages and pay a profit sharing bonus
  • We have outstanding health benefits, both personal and family, which the company pays for
  • We motivate all employees to learn more from company sponsored training so that they can improve their skills
  • We work almost exclusively with water based technology to protect our environment

Our business is satisfying our customers, often under difficult pressures such as time or disasters such as water damage from flooding. And the water based technology that we use is in continuous development to improve its performance.

Almost all our work is done in a team due to the average size of our jobs although from time to time individual employees will be dispatched to a customer site to fix customer problems.

Therefore, whether you are a wood finishing professional, or hobbyist, or just a motivated person who is curious about the career we offer you can:

• Call Rob Trentadue at (905) 265-7705


• E-mail Rob at rob@torontorefurbishing.com


• Submit your resume here. (.doc, .docx, .pdf and .txt files only please)