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What We Offer:

Toronto Refurbishing offers both onsite and factory refurbishing of wood furniture and fixtures. The benefits of refurbishing versus replacement are large costs savings, environmental sustainability, and low to little disruption to the workplace, allowing customers to maintain their productivity while workplace improvements are being executed.

Refurbishing versus Replacement:

Refurbishing versus replacement often saves customers over 80% of the cost of replacement, without factoring in issues such as productivity disruption due to furniture movement.

Since Toronto Refurbishing does most of its service work overnight, onsite, with environmentally sustainable technology, customers are able to use their revived workplace the following morning. This includes those projects where colour changes are executed as part of the refurbishing. Additionally, because Toronto Refurbishing uses LEED compliant technologies and processes, customers can achieve one point towards enhancing the LEED rating of their space.

Onsite Overnight Refurbishing:

Toronto Refurbishing has enjoyed great success with its unique service model of refinishing wood onsite. With over 90% of Toronto Refurbishing’s business activities occurring onsite, right in the customer’s workplace, the customer does not have to pay for relocation of wood furniture or fixtures to some remote factory to be repaired or altered.

This also means that our customers do not have to pay for rental furniture or temporarily move to another floor because the fumes (chemical off-gassing) are overwhelming. By using LEED compliant water based technology any off-gassing is largely non-existent.

All of this money that a customer would traditionally spend to repair, enhance, or improve their workplace stays in their pockets. They pay only for the wood repairs and improvements.

Typical Services:

Typical services that Toronto Refurbishing supplies to its customers include:

  • Onsite repairs to wood furniture and fixtures due to age, water, human traffic, and graffiti. This includes repairing fire rated doors or elevator panels using LEED compliant waterbased approved fire retardant chemicals.
  • Onsite refinishing of wood furniture and fixtures to different colours and shades, even including changing dark wood to lighter colours
  • Onsite restoration of historical and heritage wood furniture and fixtures
  • Onsite regular maintenance of wood in high traffic areas such as elevators, reception areas/lobbies, and doors to protect these assets ongoing
  • Offsite finishing of new construction furniture and millwork for wood fabrication customers in our state-of-the-art finishing factory