Case Studies

Refurbishing Furniture in a 500 Room Prestigious Hotel Saves $450,000



A large internationally renowned hotel in Toronto needed to refresh its image. This was a major renovation of the entire hotel, including all painting and wallpaper. The existing wood furniture had been worn and damaged through years of use. There were many demands for the money allocated for this project. In fact, the scope of work that local management had submitted to the corporation far exceeded the final capital allocation. The dilemma that local management faced was that hotel rates could not be raised or even maintained unless the hotel rejuvenated its entire image, including every room. There was not enough money allocated to replace the furniture in each room. Compounding local management difficulty was that any refurbishment of the fixtures in any room needed to be co-ordinated with other activities such as painting and wallpapering, etc. Management had to ensure perfect co-ordination of all rejuvenation activities in order to maximize room availability for guests.



Refinishing the furniture in 500 rooms in synch with other vendors, maximizing room availability was no small effort. The scope of wood to be refinished included;

  • 500 desks, 500 dressers, and 500 armoires
  • 500 head boards and 500 foot boards
  • 500 washroom custom millwork
  • 500 wood doors

Alternative Solutions

Traditional Solution:

There was no money to remove the furniture and restore it off site (estimated cost >$750,000). Rooms needed to be available for clients the next day so traditional solvent based finishing technologies could not be used. To maximize room availability all vendors would have to work in harmony with the project manager. Therefore, a traditional solution was not possible because there was not the funding or the time to replace furniture or do the work off site. Additionally, the need to be able to have rooms immediately available for guests meant that water based technologies must be used and every vendor associated with the project had to function as though they were “part of an orchestra” to minimize room downtime.


Toronto Refurbishing Solution:

Most of the refinishing work that Toronto Refurbishing does involves co-ordination with other vendors that the customer has hired. Toronto Refurbishing’s ISO certification is a reflection of the firm’s ability to manage on a process basis therefore the customer experienced seamless co-ordination on this large complex hotel project. To maximize room availability environmentally friendly water based technology was utilized (no smell or off-gassing) so rooms would be available for guests almost immediately. The cost to the hotel was $311,500 to refinish 3,000 pieces of wood furniture, on site, perfectly co-ordinated with no disruption. This equates to $104 to refinish each piece of furniture, far less than the replacement cost or offsite alternatives. Given a constrained capital allocation, local hotel management was able to rejuvenate the look of the hotel, including every room, at low cost, with minimum availability impact.