Case Studies

Suite Doors, Replace or Refinish?



A prestigious conduminum building in Toronto had a huge problem, thier suite doors were extremely worse for wear, they had scratches, fading, gouges and water damage. These doors did not complete the look of the beautiful building and needed to be addressed.



Building has a total of:

400 Suite Doors Oak Custom Stained

Doors need to be replaced in order to look brand new and match cohesive elegant look of the building.

Alternative Solutions

Traditional Solution:

Replacing all suite doors was the original decision. This would cost from $600-$1000 per door, including manufacturing, installation, and colour matching. Note that suite doors are, by Fire Code, an expensive product as they must have a minimum 40 minute fire door rating. Therefore, this project would have originally cost the corporation and residents about $200, 000

Also this process would take a number of weeks to complete and create a lot of chaos and mess.


Toronto Refurbishing Solution:

Now compare Toronto Refurbishing’s solution at approximately $23,000. Rather then replace the suite doors we were able to chemically wash the doors, fill any scratches and gouges with an approved epoxy putty, graining these repairs to appear invisible, colour matching the doors to the trim, and finally hand finishing your existing wood doors back to their original beauty. The savings are significant and are more importantly an easier solution to an enormous problem.